Polyurethane Shakes and Slime!

This lesson provided a very hands-on experience with chemical properties! The kids got to make their own polyurethane foam “milkshake”, and then they created some slime to take home!

The polyurethane foam we used was the same as the mixture that is used for insulation in homes. We added different colors of food coloring to make it more exciting, let the kids mix the two solutions (which come together to eventually form a hard polystyrene), put our straws in, and then we all just sat back and watched! The foam expanded and grew out of the cups before the kids’ eyes. After about 10 minutes, the foam was completely hard and no longer dangerous to the touch, and the kids could take their “milkshakes” home to their parents!


Next, we created a special slime mixture using polyvinyl alcohol and borax. After adding the two solutions together (along with some fun colors), the kids stirred for about 30 seconds; they were amazed to see that the two liquids had formed a slimy blob! Another fun chemistry experiment that they could take home with them!

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